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Here you will find news, in-depth information on the precious metals and precious stones used by the symbol jewelry and other important information.

The precious metals and gems used by the
The predominantly used precious metals are silver and gold. In addition, some gems come with suitable gems. The precious metal silver symbolizes the creative, received, lunar aspect of creation. Gold, on the other hand, stands for the solar life force, for action, perfection and heavenly splendor.

The gemstones used have special energetic emphases: Garnet stands for power and fire, zirconia for clarity and transcendence, and moonstone for intuition. We guarantee 925 sterling silver and a gilding of at least 1 micron (abrasion protection).

The ornament packaging
The symbol jewelry is delivered in a jewelry box containing a card with the explanation of the symbolism. The angels are packed in a transparent bag, which prevents a quick start of the jewelry.

silver care
Silver starts and gets dark – this can not be avoided – but with attention and regular care fix. The only cause for the discoloration of silver is the contact with sulfur – transmitted through the air, clothing or skin. Especially in soap, shampoos and cosmetics sulfur is included. Depending on how much sulfur is present in your environment, the discoloration is faster or slower. Tip: Store the jewelry before bathing or showering and do not store it in the bathroom, but in a jewelry box or a sulfur-free box.

In order to keep the jewelry radiant, it must be cleaned from time to time in any case. Order at cost price under “chains and accessories” a symbol jewelry microfiber cloth. Use it regularly! Rub the cloth lightly over the silver – that’s enough. Persistent cases require a silver bath. Ask us about it. Please do not plaster gilded parts, because: over the microfibre, the gilding can be removed.