Holy femininity


The sacred aspect of the creative, nurturing and even contestable femininity was and is expressed in numerous cultures through the worship of different goddesses.

Our present culture is undergoing a fundamental change. The positive male attributes, such as ingenuity, abstraction, analysis and development, have degenerated into the exploitation of nature and man, into greed and personal striving for power.

The constructive properties associated with femininity are increasingly needed to bring about a vivid synthesis of male and female aspects. The world needs sustainability, respect and a balanced coexistence.

In this series of jewels, we honor the transforming power of the goddesses and want to translate their attributes and attributes into a new symbolic language. The Greek world of gods has a special significance for our more than 2000 years of culture. That’s why we start the end of 2012 with the goddesses Artemis (Diana) and Aphrodite (Venus). Other feminine aspects of divinity will follow. Occasionally stop by here again.

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