GAIA (Mother Earth),


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The Gaia pendant honors the life-giving and life-protecting femininity of the Earth Goddess. This gem shows the beauty and harmony of creation through its symbolism.

The four notches in the golden disc stand for the four cardinal points of the year: The equinoxes in spring (Aries) and autumn (Balance), and the solstices in summer (Cancer) and winter (Capricorn). Four silver moons are placed on the golden disc, which stands for light and divinity, displaying the four seasons. They correspond to the feminine principle of creation and give shape and strength to the golden light. The four creative elements are expressed by the four gems: Red sapphire – fire; green garnet – water; blue sapphire – air; yellow sapphire – soil. The four contiguous moons form the figure of a curved rectangle, which symbolizes materiality and birth in the earthly world. The spiral with three turns symbolizes body, soul and spirit. In the center the divine spark (white sapphire) shines as the eternal light, which permeates the earth and each of us.

Pendant, Sterling 925 silver, partially gilded, real sapphire (in red, yellow, blue, white and green garnet /tsavorite), 25 x 25 mm