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Dome of light – double pyramid,


Almost since forever, the double pyramid is considered as a tool for meditation and healing. Furthermore, it is a very powerful symbol of protection.

The base of the double pyramid is a square, symbolizing matter, realization and stability. The two pyramids are formed by eight triangles, four of which (top and bottom, respectively) form a tip. Pyramids focus and strengthen mental powers. The quartz in the center of the light dome symbolizes “the light that shines in the darkness”. Quartz grows in total darkness, deep below the Earth – yet it is completely clear. Therefore, the quartz crystal is considered a light-bringer. Also, Quartz is said to be storing a lot of energy.

Transformation through the heart

The quartz also symbolizes the spiritual heart center. This chakra harmonizes opposites emanates love, compassion, understanding and awareness. These qualities of the heart, in turn, can be utilized in the areas of life in which we already use this pendant, still increasing its strength and charisma!

The prayer

Many people say a special dome of light-prayer every Sunday – and on special other occasions, building up a global healing force field. This prayer/meditation exists in a plethora of variants. Please find one version (in german language) in the download section below.

Sterling 925 silver, partially gilded, rock crystal ball, 23 x 23 x 23 mm