Merkaba blue,


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MERKABA – blue


The cool blue gives immersion and width. This pendant promotes clarity, overview and the connection to and appreciation of nature’s beings and nature kingdoms around us. The blue Merkaba is connected to the planet Jupiter and facilitates the transformation of knowledge into wisdom. It embellishes by joy and splendor.

A Merkaba consists of two three-sided pyramids that penetrate each other and thus form a three-dimensional six-pointed star. The Merkaba symbolizes involution and evolution, light and darkness, spirit and matter and all other dualities. At the same time it shows the penetration of dualities into a divine harmony and spiritual synthesis. The different colors of the zirconia give the Merkaba pendant – beyond the fundamental symbolism – an additional, qualitative note, which is described in the respective description of each pendant.

Pendant, Sterling 925 silver, partially gilded, blue zirconia, 25 x 25 mm