pendant partially gilded


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This pendant is available from March 2017 – Preorders welcome!

The Pentagram is an ancient symbol with ties to all world religions and numerous shamanistic / magical systems (e.g. Celts, Teutons, Tibet). It embodies might and force.

The fivestar depicts the upright man, roaming the world with open arms and a firm stand. It traditionally symbolizes strength, a focused will, endurance and it also provides protection.

In our piece of jewelry the Pentagram seems to emerge from the background and thus inherits a certain color and direction from its origin.

The gilded background: The warm, life-giving power of the sun flows through the pendant and its bearer, enhancing his/her focus on their inner self.

This pendant is also available with a silver or blackened background.

Pendant, Sterling 925 silver, Ø 28 mm, eyelet on backside