Spiral, pendant partially
blackened – with citrine




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The Spiral – a cosmic symbol of creation and unity.

A spiral is an universal symbol found in nature in fruits, plants and also in the animal world. Water flows in a spiral shape, the air moves in spirals as wind. It is a symbol of the way in and the way out – transience of all things living and return in a new form. The spiral is like the path of man: from the light into darkness, from darkness back into the light. The delicate citrine accents this relation.

Find your inner center. Give and receive.

The partially blackened spiral is a classic variant of light and darkness, whose interactions form the contrasts of realities. Also available with a zirconia.

The partially gilded spiral refers to the sun as the base of our being that is surrounded by creative forces (silver). You can order this pendant with a citrine or a zirconia, respectively.

Pendant, Sterling 925 silver, partially blackened, citrine, Ø 23 mm