A Merkaba (ancient Hebrew “throne car”) consists of two three-sided pyramids, which penetrate each other and form a three-dimensional six-star. Together with the indwelling “I AM” these are the mystical seven, which in ancient Merkaba mysticism are referred to as the “Seven Heavens” and as “Star of Life,” “Star of David,” or even “Merkaba.”

The merkabah stands for involution and evolution, light and darkness, spirit and matter and includes all other dualities from the smallest to the highest. It symbolizes their mutual interpenetration and at the same time promises the ascent to a higher synthesis beyond the dualities.

The pendant was designed to make the three-dimensionality clear, yet remain flat and “portable”. The color of the zirconia gives the Merkaba pendant – in addition to the basic symbolism – an additional, qualitative note. This corresponds to the four elements fire, air, water, earth and ether (Akasha). Each pendant was energized with the energy of the elements.

Equipment and presentation Each Merkaba pendant is made of 925 silver (partially gold plated) and each with three Zirkoniasteinen provided. The size is 25 mm. The pendant is presented in a high-quality jewelry packaging, which is accompanied by a colored flyer with basic information.

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